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09 August 2010 @ 01:36 am
Let me tell you something...  
This is going to be an open entry in the hopes that Google will pick up on it and will warn other people about these idiots who thought they could steal from me and my friends.

As you all may know, or well most of you do, I own an RPG board (midnight-shadows.org) and on that board you can find loads of customized lay-outs and hacks specially altered for us by chrissieness who is also my fellow administrator. At some point she created a very nifty RPG hack which allows us to submit biographies and get those awesome character images next to our RP posts when we submit a post. Her own board, mine and another one were the only ones with said hack.

Her board closed down so there are only two boards left with this hack. She made sure that they couldn't give away the hack to anybody else.

So colour me surprised when one of the members on Midnight Shadows told me this morning that he found a website who has said hack. My mouth literally dropped open to the table. He gave me the link (sucky website here) and I went through it. Not only did they copy the hack but they also stole the layout of two of our custom made pages. I thought that was it until I went to their RPG forum and literally saw that they copied one of our board RPGs (formally hosted on C:tP) images and all.

So I went a little mental, collected data and went to vB to see if they could help with this act of thievery. They couldn't but I did find some interesting knowledge on what to do in this case. I should contact the host the website is located and report a Digital Media Copyright Act with them. The host was actually really helpful they dedicated a whole page on this and what they needed from me to get the ball rolling. So I wrote a fancy pants email to them, got a nice reply back (one of those mass written emails) and as off earlier tonight they closed the board. "Down for Maintenance and software maintenance." Yeah right. Do they have one coming their way. I reported them with Jellsoft as well that they violated the terms of use for vBulletin (not that their license is legal either) and if I want to be completely bitchy I'm gonna report them with the WB as well for claiming original Charmed content as their own as well.

So I'm gonna put some info here for you all to see and so you be warned to not trust this person.

From the whois: "Charmed Before the Dawn"
Email Search: f.lester@macombwebdesigns.com is associated with about 2 domains
tiguy02@gmail.com is associated with about 6 domains

Some other info:
His Birthday: May 31, 1982
Location: San Fransisco
AIM: Elder Leo Wyatt
MSN: cff_pruehalliwell@hotmail.com
Yahoo: leowyatt_whitelighter

Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated
She who shall not be named: Cute - I'm smilingchrissieness on August 9th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
Yay for going bonkers on stealers. I've done that before too :-p But I guess enough is enough. We gave this guy chance after chance to redeem himself, kindly asked him to take down our content at least twice before - and he's gone and done it AGAIN? Thanks a LOT for handling this, dear! I am very grateful. I think by the time you discovered this last night I was in sleepy delirium already :-p (was asleep so fast after an eventful weekend that I didn't even hear Matt come to bed like 30 mins after Lukas/me)

Also, if I am not mistaken (you might wanna check with aody on this, the header appears strangely familiar to me ... could be CtP material (and if it's not, then it's still definitely been nicked from somewhere).

It's a shame really that some people have no dignity. You'd imagine that they'd want their OWN little corner on the web, with their own stuff ... but maybe I just imagined this kind of code of honour amongst admins. I mean, imitation is a form of flattery but this definitely crossed the line of good taste AND common sense.
Ellen: Jared!Sam - Psychic Demon Kill (Animatedellehwho on August 9th, 2010 04:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah Vix got a warning on that website through her McAffee security thingy majiggy that they are known for stealing. So I wouldn't be surprised if they indeed stole more and not only from us.

They are just plain idjits!