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20 May 2007 @ 03:54 am
SoulSister part I  
Ok like I promised, the fanfic. I didn't know I would already have a part done but meh here we go please don't eat me alive xD

Title: SoulSisters
Author: MidnightShadows
Rating: ehm ehm ehm PG-16?
Category: Supernatural
Word Count: 1.018 and still counting
Disclaimer: Supernatural is love! Kripke is Teh God! I don't own one single bit of it although I wouldn't mind to have some Jared (A)
Summary: let's keep that a secret ok?
Note: This fic could contain spoilers as it is based after the Season 2 finale.

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One year ago...
…Dean Winchester made a deal with the crossroad demon. He offered his soul to her if she would bring back Sam to life. He was going for the ten years but instead she gave him one and one only. Dean hoped nobody would find out but of course Bobby did, he saw Sam die in front of his eyes and well there was Jake. If they had not run into the bastard Sam wouldn’t have known but Jake wasn’t a fool he knew that he had stabbed Sam in the back, cutting right through his spinal cord and nobody survives a wound like that. Nobody.

The hellhounds…
…are coming and their barking and growling can be heard loud and clear through the door of the cheap motel room the brothers picked for that evening. “They’re here…”


The door starting to shake as the black dogs are trying to crawl themselves a way inside the room with just one reason on their mind and one only, collecting Dean’s soul.

The eldest of the Winchester brothers knew this perfectly well and even though he has been preparing himself for this day he had not expected it to come so soon. A year can be so long but in his case he found it too short. Too damn short. “Dean! Snap out of it man, they’re almost in!” Sam grabbed his brother by the shoulders and yanked him away from the door where he was emptying one of the sachets filled with Goofer dust.

The door was shaking in its hinges and Sam gave Dean a look, one that told his brother that he wasn’t sure this plan would work, that it would actually buy them time to figure out a way to keep Dean out of hell.

“Sam promise me…”

“Don’t start like that Dean. We can beat this…”

“Sam if it doesn’t work…”

“It is going to work! It’s my turn to save your ass!”

The door cracked, a breeze found its way underneath the door and the stripe of black powder slowly vanished, leaving a clear path for the beasts. At least that was what they thought; a blast splintered up the door and in the doorway stood the demon that made the deal with Dean a year ago. Her eyes glistening red for a moment as she stepped inside the room with two of her hellhound’s, one on each side of her.

“Hello Dean…” a deviant smile spread across her face. “You surprise me, I expected more of a fight…”

“Who says you’re not getting one bitch!” Raising his gun at the female, Sam’s glare turned cold. “You’re not taking him.” Pulling the trigger he fired a shot at her but he hadn’t expected one of the dogs jumping up and taking the hit, vanishing from sight instantly after he dropped to the ground another appeared to replace its fallen comrade.

“Sam…It has no use…”

“No Dean…”

“You should listen to your brother Sammy…” With one flick of her hand the gun got ripped out of Sam’s hand and the younger Winchester found himself pinned against the wall as the demon used her power on him. “Now Dean, are we doing this the hard way?”

“Let him go. I’ll go with you like I promised…”

“Dean no!”

“Sam let it go, it has no use…Just remember what I told you.”


Watching how his brother fell to his knees, the demon closing the distance between the two of them, her hand on his shoulder, that last look they shared right before…

48 hours earlier…
…Kirsten Maverick was fast asleep in a cheap motel room, her younger sister Elena was sitting in a chair across from the bed her head in her hands, pondering. She was having one of her headaches again all day long and she knew that wouldn’t bring them any good. Last time she had one she managed to get them both almost killed. This time it was different though, instead of the usual flashes she had when the headache surfaced she just had the headache and not the flashes.

What did that mean? She was sure that it was that kind of a headache but why didn’t she get a premonition?

Getting up from her chair she walked to the bathroom to take another aspirin, standing in front of the sink staring in the mirror a sharp pain rushed through her head and she managed to grab the sink tightly to support herself. Images flooding inside her head, two young men, a female, black dogs, flames, blood, motel name and as sudden as the images entered her mind they disappeared again.


The voice of her older sister pulled her back into reality and she found herself sitting on the floor, apparently her grip on the sink wasn’t as firm as she thought. “You ok? What did you see? You did have one right?”

Nodding she grabbed Kirsten’s hand and getting pulled up she found her legs still not really cooperating. “I never can get used to this…” Supported by her sister they walked back to the room where Elena took a seat on the bed. “Two men and a female. Fire. And there were black dogs.”

“Black dogs?”

“Yeah black dogs, although they weren’t your average kind of black dogs. I have seen them before but can’t remember where.”

“Did you see where they were?”

“I saw a name of the motel, Comfort Inn, although it didn’t seem that comfortable to me…” She joked with a grimace on her face as her head was still pounding.

Grabbing her laptop Kirsten started to search for the hotel and after a few minutes she turned the laptop towards Elena. “This the one?” Showing her an image of the motel.

“Yeah that’s it.”

“Comfort Inn, Tucson, Arizona. We should leave now then. That’s a day’s drive. You can look up those black dogs while I drive.”

“You driving?”

“Yeah I don’t know how they look, now do I? Besides I’m faster behind the wheels.”

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She who shall not be namedchrissieness on May 20th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
OMG you're actually making me write in this verse!

I heart you, hun! Man, this is LOVE!
Ellen: Dean Winchester - Wetning smileellehwho on May 20th, 2007 02:42 am (UTC)
Glad you like it :D now my brain can start thinking up other stuff to happen next *starts pondering*