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21 May 2007 @ 11:52 am
SoulSister part V  
Title: SoulSisters
Author: MidnightShadows
Rating: ehm ehm ehm PG-16?
Category: Supernatural
Word Count: 1.696/6.149 and still counting
Disclaimer: Supernatural is love! Kripke is Teh God! I don't own one single bit of it although I wouldn't mind to have some Jared (A)
Summary: We have a car, a diner, a car and a library...oh and some Sam!
Note: This fic could contain spoilers as it is based after the Season 2 finale.

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“So those guys. You said two, right? Anything besides the dogs? Who are they?”

Elena gave her sister another look and she noticed the frown on Kirsten’s face but instead of asking what there was, she didn’t. She just didn’t because that would mean explaining what was on her mind and she couldn’t yet. Not yet.

Grabbing the laptop she pressed a few keys, ticking away on the computer she just randomly thought how handy it was having access to the internet through a wireless connection.

“Well I have been running that vision over and over in my head and I picked up one little detail, a name of one of the guys...”

She actually had heard them call each other by name in her vision and she had seen a receipt with a last name but Hasselhof didn’t strike her as their real last name. Must be an alias. Clicking a few links on her screen, ticking some more and another random thought entered her mind that she was glad she had paid attention in computer class and how handy it was having geeky computer friends who could teach you a few tricks. Like pulling up wrap sheets, with mug shots and of course a few of the aliases people use while hiding for cops or in this case the feds as well.

“Dean Winchester and if I’m right the other man is his brother Sam...Oh yeah I’m right...”

Should she tell her sister that she had found this info from the wrap sheet or from the wanted by the feds list. Elena decided not to tell at all. If she did there would be the slight chance that her sister would turn around the car and decide to go back.

“You know the more I think about it, the more I think these two are hunters. You know do what we do...”

“Why would you say that?”

“Dunno just a feeling about it I guess.”

Scrolling down the page to read up on the charges she got lost in her own world again. For now she needed to keep it quiet that Dean Winchester was listed high on the wanted list by the feds. All in time, all in time.

She knew her sister hated it when she went all silent but that was how Elena was. Rambly one minute, quiet the next. Lately however it was more quiet then rambly, maybe this whole driving around the country was getting its toll on her.

“Oh by the way I did some more research on those dogs and I think I know who that woman is as well. Apparently she’s a crossroad demon. You can call for her at a crossroad, you prepare a sachet or a can or whatever with a few items including a picture of yourself, some sort of hoodoo ritual, bury it and she’ll appear. You tell her what you want and after the deal is sealed you have an x amount of years before she comes and collects your soul.”

Closing the laptop she stared out of the front view window.

“Odd thing is, you can’t escape something like that after you made the deal. You’re in it for life, literally. What is so important about him? Why are we meant to save him? He made the deal he must know the consequences...”

The diner
Sitting behind his laptop, something he has been doing for days now, Sam was clicking around like a little maniac searching for answers, for solutions that could help them in this little issue. Well not little. It was rather big and it would go down in two days, maybe even less if the demon decided that she couldn’t wait any longer.

Sam would do anything to stop that, to make sure she wouldn’t take Dean because well he made himself a promise that he would save his brothers ass for a change.

How many times did Dean save his? Three, four times? Probably even more if he started to count the little ones as well.

Research on the internet was so limited he needed a library, a big one and preferably one that had a huge section on the occult. All he could find here was what he already knew on the subject. And it was always the same thing that there was no escape possible from this particular demon.

“I could always make a deal of my own if it comes to that...” He sighed. Taking a sip from his coffee to stay awake. Not much sleep for the past few days was trying to catch up on Sam but he couldn’t let it get him. Not now.

His eye drifted off to his brother who decided to leave his spot at the bar and go outside. How he wanted to go after him right now, just to make sure he was ok and that he wouldn’t get himself into trouble but he didn’t. He remained seated as he remembered the last fight they had over this very subject.

So Sam made sure that people would keep an eye out for his brother even if it meant getting shot deadly glances from the older Winchester brother.

“This is not going to work. I need a library.”

Closing his laptop and shoving it in his bag he smiled at the lady behind the counter, giving her a nod as he stood tall and leaving the diner to go after his brother.

Seeing him from the distance he was ready to give a yell when he decided not to. Instead he took out his phone, scrolling to Dean’s number and pressed the call button.

“I’m heading off to the library. I’ll meet you at the motel...”

Rolling his eyes he let out a sigh.

“Dude don’t start. I made a promise and I will keep it. Now shut up. I’ll see you later.”

Hanging up his phone he changed directions, he would find a way to get Dean out of this. He must find a way. He could not go without him, he would not go without him. The thought alone gave him shivers. And then what? Go back to school? There wasn’t anything left for him at Stanford. No Jessica, his friends had slowly abandoned him in the past two years and he really didn’t think he could leave this life behind.

He and Dean were a team and it was his job to keep it that way at least this time around.

In the car
Rubbing her forehead she felt a headache rising, one she rather not have right now but ever since she got them she wasn’t able to control it. They came if she wanted it or not, if the timing was perfect or not. She would get one of those damn headaches and right after she would feel if her brain would turn to mush and was ripped out through her nose.


Holding her hand op to make a gesture she was alright she immediately regretted that and holding her head with both hands she let it happen, she waited for the images. Not knowing that during her vision her sister had pulled over the car and was giving her one hell of a concerned look.

“What did you see?”

“Just an addition on the previous one...”


“Well? Come on spill it!”

“I saw a car a black car, looked like a Chevy.”

“That’s it?”

Nodding she closed her eyes. She lied. There was more but she couldn’t tell Kirsten. She couldn’t tell what she saw because it made her feel sick. To be honest she wished she hadn’t seen it at all but she did and now she had to work out the meaning of it. Try to find out where it fitted into the other vision.

The fact she just had another one bothered her even more. So soon after the other one. They started to pick up and she was getting more of them. More frequently and it started to scare her, like something was going down in the supernatural realm. Grabbing for the aspirin in her bag she swallowed two of them and rested her head again. At least she wasn’t lying, she had seen the car in her vision she only failed to mention the rest to her sister.

“Are we half way?”

She broke the silence, hopefully it would tell her sister enough that she didn’t want to talk about. At least not now.

“and near a gas station? I need to go...baaadly.”

At the library
“Ma’am could you tell me where I can find your occult section?” Flashing her one of his toothy smiles, his way of charming, Sam looked at her hopeful. “Of course, just walk straight ahead and on the end turn left. That section is completely about the occult. If you need any help just give a yell. Well not literally but you know what I mean.” She gave him a wink and Sam kept smiling at her even though that wink was so meant in a flirty way.

Thank god Dean wasn’t here to witness that. He really didn’t need one of his brother’s snarky comments.

Walking down the aisle, the one the librarian directed him to, he started to feel eerie about it. Going to the left on the end he immediately started to scan the titles of the books in that aisle.

When he finally found a book that he thought could give him some answers a sharp pain rushed up to his head, reaching for his forehead he let the book drop. A flash. A vision. And as soon as the pain surfaced, it disappeared as quickly.

Seeking support on the shelves, he grabbed for his phone.

“Dean, can you come pick me up? We need to talk. I just had one...”


“Yeah one of those. We need to talk.”

Hanging up his eye fell on the book he had dropped right before he had his vision. Picking it up his eyes on the page it had opened up on when it dropped to the ground.

How to end a deal with the devil

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