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19 September 2008 @ 10:51 am
LIKE FRIGGIN SERIOUS!!! (if you haven't seen spn 4x01 or smv 8x01 don't click the cut)

Ok so I finished watching both SPN and SMV like 15 minutes ago (Did I tell you I so so so love my download speed, had SPN within 20 minutes) and just wow. Seriously wow. Lets start with Supernatural first.

Ok so Dean is back alive and boy I can tell you that we're up for a hell of a good season, better than season 3 I can tell ya. Ok so we start with Dean waking up 6 feet under and my first thought was "Why didn't Sam burn him? Isn't that tradition? You know in case demons want to posses the dead body or some kind of revenant deal coming down the road?" Well that gets answered later down the episode but just seeing Dean crawl out of his grave made me clap like an insane fangirl.

Oh and the new logo intro of SPN is kick ass! Ok so we carry on with Dean who finds his way to a closed gas station and I love the detail of the newspaper that it had yesterdays date on it xD Very nifty Mister Kripke. Oh and please put more of Dean pulling his shirt up in the next episodes *whistle* Ok so that hand on his shoulder had me very intrigued. More on that later. Btw I'm glad Dean didn't give up on his Busting Asian Beauties ROFL seriously that had me so cracking up. Kinda happy that I'm home alone :P And then we get to Bobby hanging up on Dean two times, can't blame the guy but sorta hoped that Dean would call back and yell at the dude or something but instead he steals a car and pays the man a visit. Works for me.

So now we come to the part where we establish that Dean isn't either a shapeshifter, revenant or a demon. Gotta love Bobby for making sure and splashing holy water in Dean's face LOL and my god I'm so glad Dean still has his snark. SNARK FTW!!! Ok so now it gets interesting, where they shift the Dean coming back from hell on Sam's account. Did Sammy get his supernatural mojo on? Or did he make a deal. My first instinct was that Sam wouldn't do such a thing. He's not that stupid. Is he? Brilliant move on Dean's account for tracking Sam down through GPS and yeah suspicion grows more when they track him down to a town near Dean's burial spot.

Ok some major freaking out on Sam's part and then we get the huggy reuniting and a funny comment from Dean. BRILLIANT!!! I love those guys. And man I could've ripped that girls eyes out *shame* Doing mah Sam pffft. Although I didn't know that that girl is Ruby in a new body. And yay for Sam wearing my favourite blouse :D :D :D Ok so back to the show. Yay for Sam not having made a deal to get Dean back because I dunno if I could've handled him dying again O_O not to mention that it would've been getting pretty old of doing such a storyline again. So yeah still no clue on how Dean got back from hell. But Sam gave him back his amulet which was a sweet touching moment. I'm still wondering how Dean is suppressing his memories of 4 months of hell. Anyways poor Dean for finding an iPod in his car ROFL Yeah brilliant moment.

Ok so why did I get the feeling that Sam was lying his ass off to Dean about not using his abilities *chins* so yeah the psychic chick, kinda not sure what I think about her but that scene is just to friggin hilarious! Ok the whole burning eyes out, so not cool but very well done! points for Kripke on that one!

Oh oh oh oh Dean and his pie xD to bad he doesn't get the time to eat it when the demons Sam was following actually took over the diner. Very interesting convo going on there, since they don't have a clue as well who pulled Dean out. Especially since they are friggin scared to take him down and bring him back to hell. Ok I'm very curious at this point as you can guess. and yeah Sam sneaking out doing the stupid thing wasn't really helping either.

Ok so that freaky noise Dean heard in the gas station is back again but this time it's worse and he's actually bleeding out of his ears. Why are they doing that to him! Didn't you put the poor bastard through enough like I dunno... 4 MONTHS OF HELL?!!

Dean don't listen to Sam! He's lying! and well vice versa :P ok seriously now I'm beyond curious, I mean Sam going alone to a diner and lying to Dean about it? There's so much more going on! and guess what... I'm so right. SAM IS COMPLETELY TURNING PSYCHIC DEMON HUNTER ON US!!! That I find really hawt *shame* I mean seriously, Sam with powers is just to wetning *whistle* Ok so more burned out eyes and Sam seriously sending back that bitch to where she came from. Quite interesting indeed. So now we get to the point where my mouth drops open when I see that chick from the motel and go "WFT?" Yeah it's Ruby but somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Why the fuck was her bra hanging around in his room? and why did she open the door in her panties?" Anyways Ruby has no clue what's going on and advises Sam to tell Dean soon about what's going on.

Now back to Dean and Bobby who are waiting for the 'demon' that supposedly got Dean out shows up. And damn that man has a real flashy entrance LOL Ok so the moment Dean stabs the dude with Ruby's knife I figured out that it wasn't a demon. Well it couldn't be, could it? So this Castiel dude reveals to Dean that he's an Angel and surprise, surprise Dean doesn't believe him. Well we already knew that Dean didn't believe in Angels but yeah this dude is apparently the real deal. And his real form apparently makes sure people eyes burn out. Nice. So yeah Castiel did save Dean from Hell and tells him that it was an order from God and that they have work for him.

Ok so why do I get the feeling it's because of Sam and what he has been doing with his abilities? Is this going to be Dean needs to kill Sam at the end of the season? If so I'm gonna smack Kripke insane!!! So yeah I can't wait for next weeks episode when it gets more interesting and I already have an idea on what happened knowing what I know now.

And on to the next show. So we left off with Lex destroying the fortress along with him and Clark in it and we jump back in where they are searching the Arctic for Lex. So a new character gets introduces by the name of Tess Mercer. Interesting. Oh oh oh oh Green Arrow time so excuse me for drooling a bit because fangirl back in town!!! My god that suit looks so damn awesome on him. So yeah just finding Clark's jacket isn't really what they were there for but lets see the starting credits... I don't see Michael Rosenbaum in it so does that mean no Lex? very odd but then again guess who is in the credits? JUSTIN HARTLEY!!!! So that means he's a cast regular *does her fangirl dance* and there's another dude in it, not really sure who he's going to be but I know I have to wait for next weeks episode for that.

Lois, Lois, Lois tsk tsk tsk already breaking an entering and the show hasn't been running for 5 minutes LOL I'm not really sure I'm liking Tess but then again if she's the new villain she's already doing a good job.

Now Chloë, who has turned into an even bigger freak can see algorithms even the fastest computer can't detect. Interesting.

So apparently the Justice League has been trying to locate Clark but not really having a good lead on where the guy is hanging out. Well it seems that they should've looked in Russia since the guy is hanging out there. Without his powers. and I can tell you without his abilities the dude isn't really inventive on escaping. I mean come on! You know it'll turn out a disaster if you try to steal a truck with men pointing guns at you and no way in hell you can dodge the bullets because you're not Superman anymore!!! but then again seeing Tom Welling getting beaten up in the rain is just more reasons for my saliva to run freely (A)

Chloë don't do it!! You're getting the Black Canary and Aquaman in trouble! Yeah even I saw that when he said three numbers. Thank god she figured that one out herself to or Oliver would've been next :w: and we still need him to get Clark out of Russia!

and there he is :D :D :D SMEXY OLIVER QUEEN!!! and he speaks Russian :w: God I love this scene where he's beating up Clark LOL very very very hawt mmmmm yeah seriously fridays are going to be heaven for me. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ok still no clue on what happened to Lex but we do know for sure that Chloe isn't taken by the DDS. Ok sorry I can't help myself but stare at the pretty boys and my brain is just going BOOM. I really am trying to write something about the episode but I keep coming back to how hawt Oliver and Clark are ROFL ok for serious now.

Dana and AC are hanging from shackles while they are getting asked where Lex is but hey like hell if they know. Clark and the Green Arrow split up to find Chloe and guess what Clark runs into Lois Lane who has managed to get herself into that secret facility trying to find Chloe. Nice, very nice. I'm so getting the vibe that those two are hooking up this season xD

Don't do it Chloe!! well a bit redundant since she got injected with some kind of "do what I say" serum. And now that bastard injects the Green Arrow!! How dare he!! Anyways Lois gets knocked down like usual and Chloe and Clark reunite :D

OH NOES!! Clark gets shot by Oliver! and it's fatal!! Please don't die :( but there's Chloe :D save him! but guess what she lost her healing power *chins* so she gets this freaky algorithm power and lose her healing power. Alrighty then... but hey we still have the guardian who's gonna save Clark. And so he does and it restores his abilities as well. Thank you sun!

So now we come to the part where Clark is realizing he has to live a double life and start over fresh away from the farm and what better way to get a job at the Daily Planet as a reporter sitting across from Lois Lane. So obvious but so brilliant at the same time :D Now we just have to wait for him to stick himself in that tight outfit *whistle*

hmmm the fortress crystal is still there. I wonder what'll happen with that one. And I guess we'll have a wedding soon in Smallville :D

mmmmm Oliver.... We'll be seeing more of you this season la la la la

One thing though, what happened to Kara?

Ok so that concludes my fangirl friday for now *ish in bliss* Can it be next week already? *pouts*
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She who shall not be named: Dean - Think think thinkchrissieness on September 19th, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
1) The entire thing about Dean not being burned actually never occurred to me. Could be because I watched the 5 minute sneak peak that was leaked from that con.

2) About Ruby's bra. I don't think they are having sex. I kinda worked the entire thing as those two getting really close in terms of ganging up and hunting demons together. In the end that kinda gets confirmed too. So her running around in her panties and them ordering pizza? Can see that after spending 4 months together and Ruby doing what she told Dean she'd do: Get Sam ready to survive on his own without Dean?!

3) I don't think Dean remembers hell. I think he has vague flashbacks but he isn't lying when he says he doesn't remember. Like a bad feeling in his stomach but no more or less. I wonder if he'll actually retrieve his memory because I think that would be interesting.

4) You think the boys will end up on opposite sides at the end of the season? Ok, now that would be a a weirdly wicked plan of Kripke to pull off. But it would kind of make sense. I mean, Sam's been taking out demons by the dozen ... who better to have him be taken out by his own brother. And yeah, I do not buy the entire angel thing.
Ellen: SN Quotes - I lost my shoeellehwho on September 19th, 2008 11:55 am (UTC)
1. well that's what you get for watching sneak peaks :P

2. Thank you so much for satisfying my brain with that explanation. Sounds so much better LOL

3. Oh hell yeah it would be damn interesting if he got his memory back about those 4 months. I mean it wasn't a picnic in the park that's for sure.

4. Yup opposite sides in a way and I think Dean has to honour his deal with his dad when he said "if you can't save him, kill him." I think with Ruby taking Sam down that psychic lane something big is going to happen and I think Castiel is going to play them out against each other.

And that whole Angel deal is just a bit to weird but exciting at the same time. I mean it's a whole new angle and I dunno... so far I'm getting a good vibe out of it. This season will rock our socks.

One thing I was actually hoping for was Sam to act a bit different when he sees Dean for the first time. Probably just me though :P
She who shall not be named: Dean - Think think thinkchrissieness on September 19th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
One thing I was actually hoping for was Sam to act a bit different when he sees Dean for the first time. Probably just me though :P

Like how?
Ellen: Jared!Sam - Evil (animated)ellehwho on September 19th, 2008 02:37 pm (UTC)
Probably more aggressive? but I might have 'mystery spot' Sam in my head *chins*
Racheyracheylish on September 19th, 2008 12:15 pm (UTC)
I am still pretty much in OMG!OMG!OMG! stage but I agree like with a lot of what was said. And I think Chrissie hit the nail on the head, it was more Ruby being comfortable and possibly ready to lay down for BED (not sex). But that might be wishful thinking.

She who shall not be named: Dean - I want it that waychrissieness on September 19th, 2008 02:37 pm (UTC)
But that might be wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking that still is more acceptable than that ... *cough* er other *shudders* truth.
Ellen: Jensen!Dean - Blue Steelellehwho on September 19th, 2008 02:38 pm (UTC)